RDR Hair & Co






RDR Hair Operates by Appointment Only

Our Days & Hours Alternate

Monday 8am - 9pm
Tuesday 8am - 2:30pm
Thursday 8am - 9pm
Friday 8am - 2:30pm


Tuesday 8am - 9pm
Wednesday 8am - 9pm
Friday 8am - 2:30pm
Saturday 7am - 3:30pm


RDR Hair Artistry, trading as RDR Hair & Co, focuses on relaxation and delivering an outstanding personalised client service. Our staff is as diverse as our clientele and everyone is invited to take a seat. Mastering the latest looks influencing personal style, our trend-savvy and fashion-forward artists take pride in implementing current techniques in colour. Our salon is a unique fun-filled space without pretence, guided by the principles of fun, family, and culture.

We at RDR Hair Artistry are dedicated to providing you with an unmatched experience that allows you to express who you are as an individual. Ultimately, all of our creations are inspired by you.

We want you to look and feel good. This begins from the moment you walk through our door. A warm and friendly environment welcomes you to relax while we tend to your hair. A fabulous hairstyle requires attention to details. Colour that harmonises with the cut, along with an emphasis on healthy hair, assures a successful look. Our dedicated hairdressers insure all of the above.

Our hairdressers have a passion about their work and that passion drives us to achieve the highest standard of excellence with every client that sits in our chairs. When you make an appointment, we make a commitment. Our goal is to perform our services with the highest degree of talent, honesty, integrity and loyalty. At RDR Hair Artistry, we will earn your trust and confidence through our technical expertise and a commitment to understanding your hair desires