About MUK Haircare

MUK Haircare is a born and bred Australian professional haircare brand. Since they first hit the market their mission was to cut through the crowd with a collection of performance driven hair products that say what they do and do what they say.

Since they launched in 2006, MUK Haircare has evolved from a rule breaking overnight success to a true leader in the Australian and global hair market. Over time they have grown and matured, curating and developing MUK Haircare into an award-winning brand with a complete Professional Colour Range, Keratin Smoothing System, 35 Core Range Products, 5 Specialist Argan Oil Products, 7 Best Selling Electrical tools and distribution in 27 countries. 

Consumers worldwide love MUK Haircare’s honesty and reliability reinforced with highly effective performance. There is a MUK Haircare product for the hair needs of everyone, and they work. 


MUK Professional Styling Tools are manufactured to the highest standards giving longevity and consistent high performance in even the busiest of salons. Feedback from stylists worldwide shows that the award winning MUK 230IR Style Stick and MUK Curl Wand out-perform the well-known market leader. MUK Electrical have a 2 year optional guarantee for clients who purchase to use at home. That’s how confident they are that there will be very few returns!


MUK 230IR Straightener

The world’s most technologically advanced styling iron. Ideal for the rigours of the busiest salon and guaranteed to surpass your retail customer’s expectations.

The Muk Style Stick 230-IR utilises a revolutionary strip of powerful far-infrared lights embedded in the ceramic plate.  These infrared lights infuse a gentle heat deep inside the hair shaft without damaging the cuticle (surface layer) of the hair shaft. The ceramic plate also contains one million more negative ions than regular ceramic/tourmaline plates thus producing amazing shine, moisture balance plus protection from thermal damage. Hair is straightened with a single pass.



MUK take their environmental responsibilities seriously too. All MUK Haircare products are PETA approved, which means they do not conduct or commission any animal tests on their ingredients, formulations or finished products…nor will they in the future.


MUK is 100% proudly Australian born and owned.
MUK is 100% committed that their products do what they say.
MUK is 100% not tested on animals.