RDR Hair Team






 Rhiannon Marr

 Owner & Director


 Hi, I'm Rhiannon the owner of RDR Hair & Co. I started off my Business in July 2018 as RDR Hair Artistry renting a chair, growing quicker than I could've imagined I decided to grow my team, which eventuated into growing more and into my very own space RDR Hair & Co in November 2022!

I have been hairdressing for over 10 years, starting my career young at the age of 16 after always having a fascination and passion for hairdressing since I was a little girl. A career that is such a passion and love for me, it doesn't feel like a job. There's no better feeling than making others feel beautiful and confident in their own skin, making their hair dreams come true.

I love all things colour, especially BLONDES. I am a Blonde Specialist, its my favourite service to provide. Being blonde naturally as a little girl and as soon as I was old enough to go on scalp I did and never looked back. I've played around with some fashion colours such as purple and various shades of Pink. Along with loving my blondes, fashion colours and all things colour I also love to do Hair Upstyling and Wedding Styling.

LETS GET PERSONAL ~ When I'm not in the salon I love to travel, explore and adventure. Being outdoors and amongst nature is where I'm always happy, my favorite place to be is at the beach or by the water.

I have a very calm and gentle personality, meeting me you wouldn't guess that I'm also a little metal head - yes I love my heavy music along with many other various genres, I have a very versatile taste in music.

I am a little adrenaline junkie; I love thrill rides, bungee jumping, jet skiing all things fun and adventurous. I'm always stepping outside of my comfort zone!