MilkShake Integrity Incredible Oil 50ml

MilkShake Integrity Incredible Oil 50ml

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This is the real deal. MilkShake’s Integrity Incredible Oil formula is an intense leave-in treatment designed to hit split ends right where it hurts.

A dream for all hair types, this product really lives up to its name.

Working to protect hair from the heat of irons, blow-dries and wands, using a curated blend of highly efficient and luxurious active ingredients selected for their triple-threat properties.

We love this product for it’s 12 effects!


  1. protects hair from the heat of blow-drying and irons

  2. contributes to the reparation process of damaged hair and split ends

  3. smoothens and seals the cuticle

  4. strengthens and gives consistency to the hair fiber

  5. helps to prevent split ends and breakage

  6. nourishes the hair, leaving it soft and silky

  7. detangles and prevents tangles

  8. gives shine and enhances the hair’s radiance

  9. tames frizz

  10. enhances colour

  11. improves manageability during styling

  12. doesn’t weigh the hair down

To use, simply apply to clean, towel-dried hair prior to styling.

Can also be used on dry hair for a dramatic high gloss effect!