MilkShake Whipped Cream 200ml

MilkShake Whipped Cream 200ml

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This is the all-rounder leave-in conditioner you’ve been waiting for. Formulated to deliver optimum moisture balance and conserve that hard-earned hair colour, MilkShake’s Whipped Cream is your dessert at the end of a long day. You’ll love hair that smells like sweet milk, and feels soft, alive and naturally well.


  • Easy to use can

  • Suitable for all hair types

  • Prevents frizz and static electricity

  • Makes hair easy to comb

  • Great for curly or wavy hair

  • Non-sticky formula

Whipped Cream is also one of the most popular products in the MilkShake collection for those with curly or wavy hair to nourish and enhance the curl, without feeling sticky and provides a natural feel and hold.

Simply shake well and hold the can upside down to dispense. Apply by massaging onto clean and towel-dried hair. Style as desired!